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Nwosa Membership:

Membership in NWOSA provides a venue for dialogue between local architects, a support network for professional advice, social interaction among the architectural community and opportunities for leadership, continuing education and community outreach. There are two categories of membership in NWOSA, Members of the OAA and Affiliate Members.


Members of the OAA:

A member of the OAA is an architect registered with the Ontario Association of Architects. Members elect to participate in their local Society when paying annual OAA License fees. Architects registered with the OAA are eligible to vote on matters concerning the practice of architecture at Society meetings.


Affiliate Members:

An Affiliate Membership in the NWOSA is comprised of intern architects, students and educators, city planners and policy-makers, artists, landscape architects, engineers, interior designers, citizens, and people sharing in the interests of the OAA, interested in architecture and design.

Our Societies support comes from its membership and NWOSA are grateful to its Affiliate Members - “our community partners” sharing an interest in architecture and design. Affiliate Members attend regular meetings that typically include a lunch (not eligible to vote on matters that concern the practice of architecture), contribute to discussions, receive our e-bulletins, exclusive invitations to lectures & forums, celebrations, participate in our community efforts and more.



Fees are paid annually. $50 for Members of the OAA and $25 for Affiliate Members.

  • OAA Members fees are due at time of annual license renewal by indicating participation in your local society at time of license renewal, and including payment of the local society fee to the OAA.
  • Affiliate Member fees are due prior to the first Society Meeting of each year, payment by cash or cheque made payable to “NWOSA” indicating “annual fee”.


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